How it works?

If You are about to organize some special event and Krakow meets your requirements we will help You with all the preparations.

This is how it works:

Feel free to fill up the form listed here and send it to us via email to:
It’s highly recommended by reason of defining Your preferences at this very first step.

2. MEETING (if possible) – define details  
We always wait for You in our office to settle all the details (but all the preparations can be also made via email or over the phone).


At this point we are coming with couple of offers including our ideas, scenarios, costs of Your event - individually fitted to Your needs.

When any of our offer is accepted we sign the contract.

In our agreement we take an attitude towards the level of our collaboration. Nevertheless we prefer to consult all the decisions with You but at the same time we try to commit You to the preparations not more than it is necessary.
You have got our assistance during Your stay and at the moment of your arrival and departure.

We take care of all the preparations till the event finally takes place and during the event we keep control of everything. Our priority is to avoid any out of schedule things, surprises, etc. - just to let You feel comfortable and free to enjoy Your time.

After the event, we take care of all the formalities as payments to the contractors and everything what is necessary to fulfill the agreement.

We would like to remark that our company can be engaged to any part of the preparation of Your event so do not hesitate to ask us for anything from making a reservation till taking care of a whole event.

Skontaktuj się z nami!

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